Ayurvedic Naturopathy

Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems developed in India. It is a holistic system of healing and health maintenance. Ayurvedic Naturopathy advises according to your individual constitution, for example, the best diet and physical activity for a good life.

This system sees the individual as a whole: soul, mind and body, each having an impact on the other. It is a holistic system of healing and health maintenance in which both body and mind are evaluated.

Ayurveda focuses on the principle that man is a miniature of nature, being constituted by everything that also exists in it, (“Panchamahabhutas- 5elements”). It is the combination of the 5 primordial elements that originate doshas or human biotypes. This science teaches that there are three individual constitutions or doshas.

It is the discovery of this individual constitution that allows, for example, understanding which lifestyles and type of food are recommended for the individual in order to bring him balance. Ayurveda seeks the path to well-being and longevity. Naturopathic counseling also allows you to:

– Get to know the most adequate physical activities and routines;

– Get to know techniques that help you achieve mental harmony;

– Perform herbal treatments with spices and medicinal plants.

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