This method uses the body´s own weight and it´s a technique to re-learn body movement. Those practices are essencial for a healthy spine and for improving functional capacity.

This method was created by the German Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s, based on the principles of:
-Concentration, breathing, centering of core, control, precision, fluid movements, isolation and routine. The method uses the body’s own weight, and is a technique to re-learn body movement. A conscious effort is made to realign the body’s posture, by using appropriate breathing and activating the deep muscles (abdominal or pelvic). This exercise provides improvements in strength, mobility and stability as well as an ability to control the upper and lower body.

Some benefits are:
-Increased body awareness and motor skills;
-Increased flexibility and muscle strength;
-Improving the control of the musculature surrounding the spinal column/torso and increased stability in the pelvic and lumbar areas;
-Improved posture and prevention/elimination/reduction of back pain;
-Improved breathing and prevention/recovery from injuries;
-Improved functional capacity and quality of life.

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