This alternative Therapy involves the stimulation and massage of certain areas/points on the sole of the foot and it´s preventive, curative and very relaxing..

Reflexology is an alternative therapy which uses the stimulation and massage, with pressure, of certain points on the sole of the foot, where all the organs, glands and joints are reflected. In this way, it is possible to work all body systems, to deal with a particular symptom, relieve pain and simultaneously regulate the operation of an organ that is disturbed. It also helps in:

-Improving circulation and eliminating toxins;
-Stimulating the body’s defenses and its ability for self-healing;
-Re-balancing the body’s energy in order to prevent new imbalances;
-Treating oedemas of the feet and legs, insomnia, back problems and joints, amongst other ailments.

In this sense, it is a real holistic therapy that treats the individual as a whole, whilst also being preventive, curative and a source of well-being, due to the deep relaxation it creates.

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